Kiran Gurung

Name: Kiran Gurung
Date of birth: 11th Jan
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
I Enjoy: Watching TV, cooking and playing Guitar
Clothing i prefer: I prefer jeans and Nike sports wear
Drink: Beer, whisky, tequila
Idea of Romance: candle night dinner with slow rock
I feel Unhappy: when i waste my time doing nothing
I hate: Those who takes over advantages
I Enjoy Eating: Nepali Dhal bhat, momo, sukuti, spaghetti marinara
For me love Is: caring loving and understanding
Country Visited: India, china korea, Holland, france, England, Hong kong
Hobbies: collecting musical instruments ,books and cds
Favorite Colour: ass colour, black and white
Favorite Place: Pokhara , Sundar Bazar (Lamjung) and Hongkong
Favorite Actor: Brad pitt, Jackie Chan and Rajesh Hamal
Favorite Actress: Catherina Zeta Zones, Angelina jolie
Favorite Singer: James Hettfield, Bob Marley, Arun thapa, and Narayan Gopal
Favorite Band: Nepathya, Metallica ,Scorpion, Dream theatre
What Inspires You: When Listening Music
Guitar I Use: Ibanez Rose Colour
Effect i use: EGFX 707, Digital delay Boss, Jimi Hendrixdunlop crybaby wah wah , Chorus boss